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Spice Factory August 19, 2018

We are so excited to be able to come together as a community in celebration of the beauty of our hair.

Our Objective


    We are looking to provide the Hamilton community a chance to take an in-depth look at the styling, health, and conversation surrounding black hair – something that has yet to be seen in our city. Our Black Hair Event will essentially be the first of its kind in our city and it will include:


·         Vendors

·         Q&A Discussions with Panelists

·         Henna Artist

·         Make-Up Artist

·         Loonie Raffle

·         Networking Opportunities

·         Goodie Bags

·         Hair Demos

·         Food and Drinks

This Black Hair Brunch was created with the hopes of giving members of our community an opportunity to connect and build long-lasting relationships in addition to ties with local vendors. Many times individuals in our community are forced to travel out of town or search online for their black hair needs  - we are looking to create a platform where we can meet person to person in a comfortable space without judgment - only understanding. We invite the community to come together to learn, bond over stories and network with like-minded people who have experienced situations that we can all relate to.

Our panelists include:

Dr. Cheryl Thompson

Assistant Professor at Ryerson University, Upcoming book called: Beauty in a Box: Detangling the Roots of Canada's Black Beauty Culture


Dodji Ousmane

Holistic Nutritionist and Trichologist, Founder of Stimugro, experience with Alopecia, nutrition, deficiencies and hair loss 

Annastasia Liu (@_simplystasia)

Natural Hair Blogger and Youtuber, Beauty, and Lifestyle 

Janice (@fromato4z)

4C Natural Hair Blogger and Youtuber 


Tisungane Banda (@le_tisu)

Fashion, Hair and Beauty Enthusiast and Youtuber, owner of Coiffure Moderne, Hairdresser and consultant  


Sean Gibson

Program Director of the Barber Centre in Hamilton, President of the Ontario Barber Association


Denoire Collective will also be donating 15% of the proceeds from our raffle to Empowerment Squared which is a Canadian charity that focuses on supporting marginalized youth and families by helping to provide access to quality educational support and mentorship, development of social and leadership skills and contribution to building peaceful and vibrant communities.

We would love to have you join us! This will be an event to remember!

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